Solnit Chapters 8 and 9

24 Feb

Chapter #8 Solnit says we need to look at our culture to understand our actions; and that America is violent. She discusses in this chapter incidents of female-oriented male violence and the allowance for in our culture. For instance, in … Read More »

Solnit Chapters 6 and 7

21 Feb

Solnit Chapter 6: Woolf’s Darkness Author Virginia Woolf once said “The future is dark, which is the best thing the future can be, I think,” (79) Solnit opens this chapter with this journal quote by Virginia Woolf, an influential English … Read More »

Chapter 8 & 9

15 Feb

bell hooks starts diving into a new issue with the feminist movement, where the spread of their ideologies and thoughts were mostly found in written words – books, pamphlets, and different public papers. This had a direct effect on illiterate … Read More »

Chapter 4&5 (Solnit)

14 Feb

In the fourth and fifth chapters of Men Explain Things to Me, Rebecca Solnit continues to criticize the patriarchal hierarchy built deep into society and highlights the consequences of silencing women. In Chapter 4, Solnit examines the concept of “marriage … Read More »