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Class Overview

Altogether, I think the content we have covered in this class has brought a lot of information to my attention that I would have otherwise not known. To be honest, I had not written down this class on my list … Continue reading

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Careers In Health Psychology

The talk we had on April 16th was very eye-opening for me. It was interesting to hear about how what we are learning in class can be applied in real life. Health Psychology, in terms of content, is very widespread … Continue reading

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Dr. Gardiner Talk

This talk was actually really enlightening for me. I really had no idea to what degree there were restrictions on transplants and other similar procedures. However, it does make sense that since there is a limited supply of organs for … Continue reading

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Chapter 14 + 15, epilogue

Chapter 14 was pretty much a no brainer to me considering what we know in psychology about trauma and coping. The example about war and experiencing combat, death, destruction etc. obviously is a great example to use considering that many … Continue reading

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Chapter 12 + 13

The chapter on social support really surprised me. I was kind of confused by the fact that the researchers stressed the number of relationships that you have rather than the quality. Doesn’t the phrase “quality not quantity” mean something? In … Continue reading

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Chapter 10 + 11

After reading the chapter on job satisfaction and success, I think the information presented makes a lot of sense. Being unhappy in your job will definitely cause stress and in some cases, feelings of depression or inadequacy. All of these … Continue reading

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Chapter 8 + 9

The chapter concerning physical activity really didn’t surprise me. We have always been told that physical activity is relevant to a healthy and long life, so the fact that the researchers uncovered the same result checks out. I think it … Continue reading

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Chapter 6+7

First, I’d like to address the finding concerning early age in school. I feel like it may be a little overgeneralized to say that starting school early is likely to lead to an earlier death. I think a better way … Continue reading

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Chapter 4+5

I found it very surprising that the researchers came to the conclusion that happiness was actually less likely to determine a longer life than seriousness. That’s very counterintuitive to me. But I guess it kind of goes along with the … Continue reading

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Chapter 2 + 3

First of all, I found it really interesting that conscientiousness would prove to be the greatest predictor of length of life. I feel like people rarely consider this an important trait, and it seems to be rarely gauged in personality … Continue reading

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