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The talk we had on April 16th was very eye-opening for me. It was interesting to hear about how what we are learning in class can be applied in real life. Health Psychology, in terms of content, is very widespread and encompasses really a lot of things. At certain points in time in this class, I almost felt that Health Psychology didn’t have one specific career that it lends itself to.

By hearing these two women speak, I now know that my hunch was right. Health Psychology is really a great field for anyone not in only in Psychology, but in other medical and therapeutic fields to understand and apply. I really love that the content we have learned in this class can be really beneficial to any health practitioner in making sure that a patient has the best experience possible when receiving any sort of treatment.

One example of a seemingly unconventional direction for Health Psychology is when Ms. Lambert spoke about her experience with conducting studies concerning educational infrastructure and its relation to health. I specifically can relate to this as I currently am enrolled in a University, which is actually quite old. There have been a number of times that I’ve personally seen bacteria or black mold in my dorm on campus and have wondered how that is impacting my health. While at school, I seem to always be sick and I’m sure this sort of contamination is a contributing factor. In addition, when I or my parents have complained to the University about it they do not seem to care, or want to spend the time or money to fix it.¬†As a number of studies have shown, feeling flu-like symptoms can greatly affect your ability to reason and process information. Therefore, it should make sense that a University would want to eradicate these sorts of issues in order to help its students succeed.

It makes me excited to hear from the two women that Health Psychology is a growing field with more and more students wanting to study this area. I can only hope that studies and research in this field will better society in the way that Ms. Lambert hopes to with her current research. Although I do not see myself going into Health Psychology, I really do think it’s been an interesting topic to cover in this class and am excited to see what developments happen in the future!

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  1. Amelia Updike says:

    I think that health psychology does not necessarily have one career path that you follow and that is one thing that I learned from these speakers, is just how much you can do with a degree in health psychology. I thought it was very beneficial to hear these women speak, although I do not want to pursue a career in health psychology it was fascinating to hear what they have gone on to do with their degrees. I thought Ebony’s work with school infrastructure was also really interesting and a career that I never thought of, but definitely is important.

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