Chapter 8 + 9

The chapter concerning physical activity really didn’t surprise me. We have always been told that physical activity is relevant to a healthy and long life, so the fact that the researchers uncovered the same result checks out. I think it was important to note that physical activity in childhood did not seem to make a difference in longevity so long as you were physically active in middle age.

I think another relevant point to the chapter is that working out and looking good also can help your mental state to be more stable and positive. I know in my experience, I never used to work out. I just picked it up again about a month ago and I definitely notice a difference in my disposition. I’m looking better and feeling more confident in myself. A positive outlook and higher self-esteem are definitely a component in longevity that can be caused by physical activity.

In terms of the chapter on marriage, I think the researchers’ findings make a lot of sense. If experiencing divorce as a child is found to be traumatic and decrease average life span, than experiencing it yourself is definitely detrimental. One of our basic human needs is love and acceptance. The best way to achieve that is by finding a significant other. Sharing life’s moments with someone else can bring you so much joy. Of course going through a divorce may be traumatic due to the pain and stress involved. Divorce agreements along the financial and custody repercussions can be really messy. The negative lasting emotions and experiences from that can definitely have an impact on longevity and your outlook on life.┬áLastly, the section on sexual satisfaction also makes a lot of sense. Sexual satisfaction is associated closely with satisfaction with marriage and thus would also contribute to longevity. A positive sex life can lead to a happier marriage, which in turn would lead to a happier life.

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  1. Brittany Woo says:

    Do you find the circular argument in the last section to be valid enough for causation? Sometimes a happier marriage can lead to a more positive sex life. It’s like the chicken-and-egg dilemma of which one comes first.

    With working out this past month, do you notice any other changes in addition to confidence and positivity? Have you noticed anything different biologically in addition to the positive psychological effects? Some things to keep in mind that could benefit longevity and middle age adults from physical activity are increases in areas of strength, stamina, cardiovascular endurance, or alertness.

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