Roberson – Chap 8 and 9

First of all, shout out to Ancel Keys for figuring it out even though people didn’t listen to him. “It” being a healthy lifestyle. Aside from learning briefly about how, the general main findings from chapter 8 were not so surprising; generally, those who were active children remained active into their mid-years, and then most participants’ activity declined into old age. With regards to chapter 9, I have heard the phrase “Married people live longer,” but when it was narrowed to more so married men, that surprised me. It had always been my understanding that women generally live longer than men…

Page 100 blatantly states that even if you were greatly active at a young age (even all the way through college and a little thereafter as my father was), that if you stop staying active (and your food intake increases, or stays the same minus the same amount of activity), that you will cut years off of your life. I feel I mention my parents a lot and that’s just because that’s where topics of health hit home the most for me. Like most others, I just hope my parents live as long as they want to.

One summer my family and I were vacationing and went on a hike up a popular hill/mountain (it wasn’t too terribly strenuous, but still a challenge). Amidst our hike, my brother and I came across an elder gentlemen who was in great shape—six pack, strong arms, and legs and all—but he certainly looked as if he was at least 60, and he was walking with what appeared to be two grandchildren. From that moment, I declared I would be a buff grandpa. My current trajectory would reasonably predict I am on track, so that’s good. Going throughout my life, I hope I am able to marry (once, and only once) and keep my wife happy and aid in us both living healthy, long lives.

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  1. Amelia Updike says:

    I also thought chapter 9 was interesting in regards to married men, and that it only mattered about the husbands happiness. I thought the section was interesting on divorce also, and how men who get divorced are worse off than women. I think that makes sense because often times men will turn to drugs and alcohol, while women may turn to friends and family to help cope with the lose. In addition, mothers are more likely to gain custody over the children. I think it would be interesting to see if this study stands true today because divorce is so much more prevalent today.
    I think it is important to stay fit and active throughout life so that you can look and feel better as you age. Like you say about the grandfather on your hike, being active and fit can make you look younger and healthier.

  2. Alexa Bertrand says:

    I agree with you concerning making a life plan now knowing this information. I think it’s definitely good to read this book and realize it’s findings in order to have this knowledge going forward, but I also think we should remember that this book isn’t the end all be all to how your life is going to turn out.

    I 100% agree with you though that it is important to stay active and there’s definitely a lot of evidence supporting that. Both of my parents are very fit and work out 3-4 times a week; they have very few, if any, health issues. But as you said, I just hope that life doesn’t get the best of us and cut us off early even though we are trying our best. As for the section on marriage and divorce, it just goes back to my thoughts on the book concerning life satisfaction. As long as you are happy with whatever state you’re in, I believe you will have a happy and healthy life. If you live life depressed and angry, you’re going to not be in good shape.

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