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Roberson – Class Overview

I do wish the class was in the twice a week, hour and 15 per class format. This was my first time taking a 2 and a half hour lecture and while it was nice to have it on Monday … Continue reading

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Roberson – Careers in Health Psych

Ebony Lambert’s area of research, education and inequities/disparities in student health, intrigued me for many reasons. One, most anything pertaining to disparities, especially racial/ethnic issues, garners my attention. However, she also is local to Richmond (as am I) and so … Continue reading

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Roberson – Dr. Gardiner talk

I found Dr. Heather Gardiner’s talk this past Friday very interesting. While I got the impression that a fair bit of her current work and research is still in the early stages (early meaning there are still follow up studies … Continue reading

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Roberson – chap 14 and 15, epilogue

Participating in war, especially overseas, especially in the Pacific, especially in combat, led to shorter longevity. As the authors state, “The more alien and disturbing the situation, the worse the later health.” Chronic stress and PTSD that result from engaging … Continue reading

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Roberson – chap 12 and 13

I was not surprised to read in chapter 12 that those with larger social networks lived longer, as this aligns with my own thoughts and opinions as well as with other pieces of the Terman study, particularly the religiosity portion. … Continue reading

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Roberson – chap 10 and 11

Dr. Nonterah warned us against using direct quotes from our sources in a literature review, but since this is a blog post, I’m going to do it. At the bottom of page 130, the author says, “Similarly, there is little … Continue reading

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Roberson – Chap 8 and 9

First of all, shout out to Ancel Keys for figuring it out even though people didn’t listen to him. “It” being a healthy lifestyle. Aside from learning briefly about how, the general main findings from chapter 8 were not so … Continue reading

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Roberson – chap 6 and 7

I was generally pleased with chapter 6. That is, I did not feel skeptical or taken aback in reading it as I have felt in some of the previous chapters. The correlations found with kids starting school early and not … Continue reading

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Roberson – Chap 4 and 5

I find chapter 2 similar to chapter 4 where the “conscientious and prudent” of the former are similar to the “serious” participants of the latter. Not surprising of this book/study, researchers found that the positive characteristics, in this case those … Continue reading

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Roberson – Chap 2 and 3

The main claim of chapter 2, that prudent, conscientious individuals have longer longevity is not a surprising find to me. As the author puts it, being conscientiousness and prudent means one is persistent, thrifty, detail oriented, and responsible about his … Continue reading

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