Class Overview

Altogether, I think the content we have covered in this class has brought a lot of information to my attention that I would have otherwise not known. To be honest, I had not written down this class on my list of preferences for this current semester when I was going through registration. I was abroad and had the Registrar register for classes for me because I was in a midterm during my registration time. However, I’ve come to see that what we have learned in this class is really beneficial to me specifically, as I have a number of health issues relating to my mental health.

For example, during the personal project I learned about CBT-I, which is something that I had never heard about prior to this class. I suffer from horrible insomnia that has greatly affected my college experience throughout the three years I’ve been at the University of Richmond. Doing this project has helped me think about the ways in which I can improve my condition and help myself succeed in a college environment.

Additionally, I also developed hypertension in Fall 2017. In learning about cardiovascular disease in class, I’ve realized the role that my anxiety and lack of sleep has on my heart and my health in general. Additionally, we’ve discussed mechanisms in order to reduce symptoms, such as exercise and a healthy diet, which I have also seriously applied to my life in order to improve my health.

In terms of the novel we read for class, I can’t say I was a huge fan. I’m a believer in everyone having their own path to success and I wasn’t really fond of the way the authors wrote the book in such a close-minded manner. The epilogue was really where I found agreement with the information that the book presented and could appreciate its findings. It’s not to say that you have to follow all the recommendations presented by the authors to a tee to live a long life, but rather, you have to pursue whatever makes you most satisfied with your life in order to achieve the greatest longevity.

If I have to think back on it now, I’m glad the Registrar put me in this class. I’ve learned a lot that has not only benefitted myself and my health, but has taught me a lot about people and their own conditions. This class has made me more aware of disparities in health and how the biopsychosocial model can really apply to all aspects of health. I will take what I have learned with me throughout my studies in Psychology and my life!

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