Class Overview

Overall, I think we have had an abundance of resources this semester that have helped in our understanding of what health psychology actually is. I know that I did not really have much familiarity with the field before taking this class, but it sounded like it would be interesting to learn about, and I am glad the class went past only reading the textbook to discuss what the subject actually is.

For example, through reading the Longevity Project, listening to the guest speakers that came in during our “breaks” in class, and the last four speakers we have had within the past two weeks, it has been great to be able to apply what we learn in class to real-life situations. I particularly enjoyed Roger Mancastroppa’s talk, as he was easy to relate to and emphasized that he was there to help us throughout. Although this talk was more toward the beginning of the semester, I still remember it because the Academic Skills Center is a place where students help other students and I think it’s beneficial to inform classes about a resource they may otherwise not know they have here.

As for our readings, although the Longevity Project was not as groundbreaking as I had initially expected it to be, it was interesting at certain points and I did find the Terman participants to be compelling throughout. I never know about this study, but I can only imagine the discoveries that could be made if a similar study was repeated today, which I’m sure is already being done as I type this.

The readings from our textbook match up pretty accurately with everything we review in class, and our PowerPoints have been very helpful in studying for the quizzes and exams. I appreciate the quizzes in that they give us a preview of what exams will be like, so I don’t think anyone was too surprised by the format or grading of our first exam. Ultimately, I think it’s important to consider how we can apply what we learn in class to real-life situations, because that’s what our classes should be based on. If we can’t apply what we are learning in class to the situations we encounter outside of life, then what’s the objective of sitting through hours of lectures? I think this course accomplishes that through the tools we have been provided with all semester. The lessons we learn are important because they can actually help us improve our health and overall lives. For example, being informed about diabetes or obesity rates in this country and preventative measures for the illnesses that surround us and our family members, is beneficial to us and those around us.

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