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Class Overview

Overall, I think we have had an abundance of resources this semester that have helped in our understanding of what health psychology actually┬áis. I know that I did not really have much familiarity with the field before taking this class, … Continue reading

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Careers in Health Psychology Talk

I thought this talk was interesting mainly because there were two distinct perspectives we got to witness first hand. Since we are all undergraduates, it was probably a little easier for students in the class to relate to what Ebony … Continue reading

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Dr. Gardiner Talk

I thought Dr. Gardiner’s talk was very interesting, and she brought up points I had not thought about much before. Although it makes sense, it was certainly disheartening to hear the truth about how difficult it is to successfully get … Continue reading

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Chapters 14 & 15 with epilogue

Chapter 14 offered an interesting perspective on the experience of soldiers and other war participants in regards to longevity and overall life experiences. I was surprised to read about the different ways in which war can affect people, because I … Continue reading

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Chapters 12 & 13

Although I think that the majority of people would assume that a person’s “connections” with others — if they are positive or if there are many — would lead to a long life, I also think the researchers did a … Continue reading

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Chapters 10 & 11

At the beginning of Chapter 10, I was surprised to find out that Edward Dmytryk lived such a long life, despite the seemingly endless hardships he encountered throughout his life. It was also nice to read that stress is not … Continue reading

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Chapters 8 & 9

I enjoyed the anecdote about Ancel Keys at the beginning of Chapter 8 — it is amazing how much one person can accomplish and Keys certainly did not take life for granted. I like the approach he took in life, … Continue reading

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Chapters 6 & 7

Before reading these chapters, I was unaware that getting an early start is a “dead-end myth.” As with many of the other findings reported in this book, this came as a sort of surprise since I feel as though we … Continue reading

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Chapters 4 & 5

Relatively similar to last week’s readings, the findings in Chapter 4 came as a surprise to me. It was shocking and quite disappointing to read that a cheerful and optimistic person is less likely to live longer than a mature … Continue reading

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Chapter 2 & 3

Before reading these chapters, I had not really considered the importance of conscientiousness in regards to longevity. It makes sense to think that a person who makes conscientious decisions will live a longer, more stable life, but I would have … Continue reading

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