Careers in Health Psychology Talk

I thought this talk was interesting mainly because there were two distinct perspectives we got to witness first hand. Since we are all undergraduates, it was probably a little easier for students in the class to relate to what Ebony Lambert was saying, but for those of us who aspire to be health psychologists, or at least to go into the field of clinical psychology, what Dr. Olbirsch had to say was fascinating as well.

I was intrigued to learn that when Dr. Olbirsch was in school, her field of psychology was not yet as developed as it is today. I can’t imagine the different fields that will emerge by the time I am 30, or so, years out of school, so it was interesting to hear her thoughts on that aspect of her career as well.

I liked how passionate Ebony was about what she does as well. I remember her describing to us when she fell in love with research, and it’s important to be passionate about what you do, especially if it involves other people or affects other people in any way, which psychology certainly does. I am glad they both came in to talk to our class, and I definitely think their talk would not have been nearly as effective, had they come in on separate days. It was nice to be able to compare and contrast their thoughts and what they were saying at the same time as they sat next to one another and shared their experiences with us.

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