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Grayson Lab Alumna Awarded Fulbright to teach English in Brazil

Congratulations to Jacqueline Pearlmutter (’17) who received a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant grant to work in Brazil in 2018! In the Grayson Lab, Jacqueline worked with Julie Charbonnier from VCU on projects looking at the effects of moisture on juvenile spotted salamanders.

To see the UR press release on Jacqueline’s Fulbright grant click here.

Grayson Lab Represented at 102nd Ecological Society of America Meeting

Kristine, Lily, and our VCU undergraduate colleagues Hannah ’18 & Madison ’17 represented the Grayson Lab in Portland, Oregon at the 102nd annual Ecological Society of America Meeting. Hannah & Madison presented our results from the stage-specific heat shock experiment on August 7th (UR Undergraduate coauthors: Nana Banahene ’18 & Salem Salem ’18). Lily presented a talk on our

Madison, Hannah, Kristine, & Lily at ESA 2017 in Portland, OR

Madison, Hannah, Kristine, & Lily at ESA 2017 in Portland, OR

research with the red backed salamanders in the James River Park on August 8th (UR Undergraduate coauthors: Sarah Timko ’17 & Christian Law ’17). Kristine wrapped things up with a talk on the Allee slope and Slow-the-Spread gypsy moth management program on August 10th. It was a great meeting! (And concurrent with the 38th annual Footbag Championships!)


Early Career NSF Grant!

We did it! In a collaboration with Salvatore Agosta at VCU and Dylan Parry at SUNY-ESF, we received and Early Career NSF Grant!! The grant, titled: Linking thermal tolerance to invasion dynamics: Climate and physiological capacity as regulators of geographical spread, will help fund projects relating to the physiological tolerance and fitness of gypsy moth populations at the invasion front in North America.

Find some the news releases here: NSF News Release from UR  and here: NSF News Release

2017 Goldwater Scholar from the Grayson Lab!

Congratulations to our very own, Andi Levorse! Andi is the recipient of a Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship for excellence in math, science, and engineering. Woohoo!

See the University of Richmond cover story here.


Learning from the Dead

Many introductory biology courses visit cemeteries to learn about human survivorship and principles of population dynamics, but this semester the University of Richmond’s Integrated Biological Principles II course (Biology 202)  has combined this classic lab with community service. Taught by Kristine Grayson, Jory Brinkerhoff, Malcom Hill, and Emily Boone, the labs visited East End Cemetery, a historic African-American cemetery in Eastern Richmond to clear away vegetation and other debris from the gravestones. Recently, the project was a featured story on the University of Richmond’s website. Click here to read the article!

Tuatara Talk at EMU

Kristine is giving a seminar at Eastern Mennonite University in her hometown of Harrisonburg, Virginia on Friday, Nov. 6, at 4 p.m. in Suter Science Center 106. The talk will be on the research she’s done on the population dynamics of tuatara (Sphenodon punctatus), an endemic and rare reptile of New Zealand. You can find a link to the press release on her seminar here.kristine tuatara_web

Media Frenzy

There’s been a lot of media interest in the gypsy moth work we’ve been doing in the Grayson Lab this year. This is thanks to the great efforts of folks in University of Richmond Communications Office.

Our latest media release was a two page spread in the Autumn 2015 edition of the University of Richmond Magazine. You can see the online version here.UR Magazine Autumn 2015

Summer Research Spotlight on Kayla Sherman

Our very own Kayla Sherman (Class of 2017) is a featured research student on the University of Richmond webpage! Congrats to Kayla! You can read the article here.

Baltimore or Bust

The Grayson Lab met up in Baltimore, Maryland for the 100th meeting of the Ecological Society of America! So many talks to hear and posters to see! Including 2 poster presentations from our lab: one gypsy moth performance in the southern range and one on on harlequin bug melanization!

ESA Photo

L to R: Trevor Faske, Lily Thompson, Nana Banahene, Amber Yang, Melisa Quiroga-Herrera, Dr. Kristine Grayson (Lab members attending the meeting, but not pictured: Andrew Levorse, Logan McDonald, Katelyn Horn, & Dr. Jen Olson)

Photo in Nature!

Four of our summer research students, Nana Banahene, Amber Yang, Melisa Quiroga-Herrera, and Andrew Levorse, participated in rigorous HHMI funded first year undergraduate interdisciplinary science courses. A photo of our very own Nana Banahene is featured in a Nature article outlining the use of creative, interdisciplinary science education from pre-kindergarten to university levels. Check the article out the online version here!

Backer, Monya. Reading, writing and high-energy physics: Nature News. Nature. 523: 276–278. .

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