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Category: Harlequin Bugs

Three new insect papers out!

This spring and summer have been very productive for the Grayson Lab! We’ve had three articles published recently with 8 of our undergrads and 5 of our collaborators. We’ve accomplished so much together in the gypsy moth and harlequin bug systems!

Baltimore or Bust

The Grayson Lab met up in Baltimore, Maryland for the 100th meeting of the Ecological Society of America! So many talks to hear and posters to see! Including 2 poster presentations from our lab: one gypsy moth performance in the southern range and one on on harlequin bug melanization!

ESA Photo

L to R: Trevor Faske, Lily Thompson, Nana Banahene, Amber Yang, Melisa Quiroga-Herrera, Dr. Kristine Grayson (Lab members attending the meeting, but not pictured: Andrew Levorse, Logan McDonald, Katelyn Horn, & Dr. Jen Olson)

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