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Blog Post 5: What Is Utopia?

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In my primary sources, I get the sense of what people during the time thought Utopia meant. In looking at some Utopian leaders like Robert Owen and Frances Wright, it is clear that they understand a utopia as a place of equality and education. Their c…

Interpretation of Sources

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I found that when reading the sources I have used in my research paper, there is a common pattern that stems from what I have learned about social utopia, past and present. For me, the most significant take away form this course has been that social ut…

The Problems of Utopia

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I believe one of the most widely recognized problems of an attempted utopia like New Harmony was the tendency to invite everyone of all classes to join, then finding the harmonious union impossible. Although New Harmony was propagandized as a symbol fo…


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“What are the hierarchies of information in my research. Other than chronologically, how can I organize your research and its claims in a logical way?”
For my research paper, I have multi-resources for my final paper. Majorly my resource is about t…

Research Paper Organization

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Each piece of information that I have come across in my research is equally as important as the next, for different reasons, and I think the way I plan on organizing the evidence makes sense as a way to argue my claim logically. Since I am making the c…

Blog Post 2: Refining My Research Question

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I feel that I have learned quite a bit after further researching Robert Owen’s New Harmony community. I originally wanted to focus my research on why New Harmony did not withstand the test of time, and why social utopian communities never seem to…

Post 2

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How did this week’s research help me come to my final research question?
From the time I read the primary resource, I have strong interest in the education function that Owen using in his new community. As a finding father of kindergarten, Owen&#8217…