Research & Information Literacy

The goals of research are woven throughout your reading, writing and oral communication assignments for this class. I will be assessing your research in several assignments:

  1. Three preliminary class and small-group assignments focused on information literacy, and critical reading and thinking skills; two response papers (RP 4 & RP 5) that focus on your research project in the later-half of the semester.
  2. Independent research for the seminar paper that begins with a research question, compiling a list of sources for an annotated bibliography, writing a short proposal on how you intend to address the topic in light of your research question, an finally, the seminar paper that presents your research to support a governing claim.
  3. Keeping a regular blog of your independent research on a communal society that requires you to locate, read, evaluate and analyze several sources related to the topic. The six posts on your blog will be part of your research e-portfolio that is 10% of your final grade.

To build your information literacy through this semester’s research you will be required to attend two sessions, both scheduled during regular class meetings.

  1. Scott Pennington (CTLT Liaison) will be assisting us with the WordPress training for your e-portfolio on Wednesday, March 2.
  2. Lynda Kachurek (Boatwright Library Liaison) will be leading a library session on Monday, March 21st in the Boatwright Computer Classroom (B-26) to equip you for your research and critical reading of sources for the final seminar paper.