Blog Post 6: Utopia As A Built Environment

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Utopia is not just a place, it is a built environment. While re-reading my sources, keeping this in mind, I began to interpret my sources a little differently. I began to understand that every detail of the community is supposed to work together in the bigger picture. Every decision Robert Owen or Frances Wright made in creating their communities was intentional to try and create utopia. Robert Owen believe in a social structure that classified people by age. This idea seems simple enough that it is natural to organize people by their age, however, thinking about it deeper, I realize he is trying to accomplish much more than simply creating social classes. He talks about the trinity of evil which were having private property, absurd and irrational forms of religion, and marriage founded on individual property combined with some form of an absurd or irrational form of religion. I realized that his social stratification system was designed to naturally help eliminate the trinity of evil. Utopia is not simply just a space, but every intricate detail is important in building an environment that is utopian.

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  1. Club Penguin Walkthrough

    Utopia is built! But it won’t be built by forcing regulations upon people to act and behave certain ways. In the last several decades, one could argue that the politics of the United States have been trying to built a Utopia for generations. Clearly it’s failed and divided the country even more. When people realize it’s a fantasy place and that your Utopia isn’t mine, maybe we’ll understand we should work towards building a just society instead of a Utopia built around regulations and laws that reflect a certain segment of the population.

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