Blog Post 5: What Is Utopia?

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In my primary sources, I get the sense of what people during the time thought Utopia meant. In looking at some Utopian leaders like Robert Owen and Frances Wright, it is clear that they understand a utopia as a place of equality and education. Their communities were extremely different from the existing American culture. I believe that because of these differences, people went to these communities to escape the restrictions in American society. New Harmony advertised equality and education for all, anyone who was down on their luck or struggling to make a living during that time period would definitely be interested in something like that. Also, for Wright’s community, African Americans and women would be attracted to Nashoba in order to find freedom. Also, people looking for work, or a fresh start could have gone to the communities to try to find a job, either constructing the communities, or working directly within them. I do not believe that the majority of the people in these communities went there specifically because they shared the same understanding or value for Utopia as the founders. For the average person, it was more of a chance to start a new life, and maybe try to earn some income.