Oral Communication

During this semester I expect each student to be an active, vocal participant in class and offer valuable contributions to our discussions. Articulating your thoughts helps clarify your ideas. I encourage thinking out loud. Be supportive of your classmates and respectful of different points of view. On certain occasions I will be evaluating your oral communication skills with particular assignments, such as

  1. Oral reports by study groups and responses to discussion questions
  2. Reading aloud of our class reading and sharing informal writing with the class
  3. Short (4-8 min) oral presentations of research
  4. Regular contributions to the seminar discussion, both in and outside of class

We will, as a group, establish the guidelines for what constitutes “valuable contributions” to the discussion. The points you earn on each of these assignments will go toward your oral communication grade (15% of your final course grade). While you will have a chance to blog and tweet, much of this work happens IN CLASS, so any absence will affect your grade.