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Group 4: The Phalanx

The Athenian Political System

The Athenian political system underwent various changes over the years. Some of the changes increased the level of democracy and participation in government while other changes decreased the level democracy and kept political power in the hands of the…

Athenian Political System

-First purely direct democracy
-The word democracy comes from demos (people) and kratos (rule)
-All citizens participated in government and only men could be citizens
-About 85% of people living in Athens were not citizens, including women, slaves, and…

Socrates and his relationship with the thirty

Socrates was good friends with many people in the thirty. The thirty was a group of wealthy elites who came to rule Athens. What does it say about Socrates that he was part of such an elite group? Plato was so determined to define “justice&#822…

Democratic Government

There were only 5000 citizens that had political rights and they elected the 400 people that represented the whole population of Athens. It makes me question if it was a true democracy if only 5000 citizens had political rights.

“Republic” and the Crisis of Athen’s Politics

To what extent is Republic addressing the “crisis” of Athen’s political system?

Plato doesn’t believe that democracy is the best form of government

Criticizes it of being highly corruptible by allowing excessive freedom and allow…