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A Semester’s Reflection
The goals of Social Utopias are to enhance and deepen the ability to critically analyze information and communicate this understanding through reading, writing and speaking through the lens of social utopias. In order to a…

Scholarly Argument

It seems as though not much direct research has been done about New Odessa. I perused multiple scholarly engines and had no luck. One journal article I scrolled past was just an acknowledgement of how agricultural communities are challenging to researc…

Questions to Consider

How does Vespucci’s account of the Brazilians and their lifestyles compare to More’s depiction of the Utopians? What role does exploration play in More and Vespucci’s travel accounts? What value does the Utopian Alphabet add to the …

Allegory of the Cave in 8 minutes

While reading the Allegory of the Cave, I struggled to visualize what I was reading. If you felt the same way, then this video is definitely worthwhile.
Disclaimer: The narrator has a creepy voice.


Review of gender equality in Republic

“Socrates: If women are expected to do the same work as men, we must teach them the same things.”

Equality and Equity for all?

Egalitarianism is an ideal, never has a society achieved true equality for all. Some societies are notably more equal than others (e.g. social mobility and civil rights are among some examples which are extended under this principle). In a sense though…