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Semester’s Reflection
Revised Response Paper 5
Revised Response Paper 7
Evidence for Reference

Semester’s Reflection

The impact that FYS had on my argumentative writing was evident from the outset of the …

Additional Study Questions

1. According to More, when is the use of force against heresy justifiable (281-283)?
2. How did Augustine, Jerome, and Henry V approach the problem of heresy (284-285)?
3. What intentions guide the Church’s general approach to heretics, according…

Two Swords and Utopia

Heresy in the 16th Century
A heretic is anyone who openly goes against the teachings of the Christian Church.
Religions Practicing
Side by Side
More in The Two Swords: “…in the event that the Turks, Saracens, and pagans were to allow the C…

James's Utopia 2015-10-08 16:25:48

1. Do the views expressed in “The Two Swords” (Violent punishment of heresy, violence justifying violence, etc.)  contradict the views of Utopia?
2. In light of  this, what do you believe is More’s purpose in writing Utopia?
3. Is U…