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Jessica Nadel

Final Reflection

Reflecting on this Semester
This semester in Social Utopias has been a very long learning process. I came into class with very basic skills in writing, reading, and thinking and all of the work that we did helped me to develop those skills. Reading so …

Response Paper #8 revised for final portfolio

What are the problems and challenges that Flora Tristan faces as she as she travels the world?
Women traveling alone during the 18th century encountered many obstacles. Flora Tristan   encounters many challenges during her travels around the world. S…

Response Paper #7 revised for final portfolio

What are the factors that have caused the kibbutzim population to fluctuate?
Lubell’s article The New Rise of Israel’s Kibbutzim: More Young Families Opt for Communal Life explores the factors that have caused the kibbutzim population to fluctuate….

Essay II

Property and Injustice
Society is founded on a hierarchy; certain groups of people are valued above other groups of people as exemplified by the distribution of private property. This injustice damages the quality of life for many people because they e…

Essay I

In Plato’s Republic Plato makes an attempt to create a lifestyle in which everything is just. He believes that if everything is just than there will be happiness and harmony for the whole community. In this work, Plato uses Socrates and his dialogue …

Response Paper #8

Is Tristan realistic in creating a movement to make change in the labor industry?
I believe that Flora Tristan is naïve and uninformed as she tries to make change for the laborers. She hardly takes into account the way the proletariat will react to he…

Response Paper #7
Are people more inclined to move kibbutzim because they no longer exhibit the communal values that they were founded on?
Kibbutzim were originally founded based on two principals: zionism and socialism. The p…

Response Paper #6

How does Rousseau justify that man is best in his natural, uncivilized state?
Rousseau argues that man is best in his natural, uncivilized state. He argues this by comparing savage man to civilized man and revealing how many problems civilized man crea…

Response Paper #5

The exhibit source helps give the reader a more informed perspective on sixteenth century politics because it presents opposing viewpoints to everything that More critiques in society. This allows the reader a chance to understand whether of not More’s criticisms of society were valid. More believed that a utopia would be the way to solve […]

Response Paper #4

Hexter presents the first argument in the article and contends that More wrote about utopia from the perspective of someone “who was at the same time a deeply committed Christian and a social revolutionary” (3). He believed that More wrote the seco…