Intentional Adaption Reflection

Intentional Adaption Reflection: Write about something in your week where your intention arose.

My greater intention is to find happiness and fulfillment in what I do. 

The thought that came up to me the most often were conflicts with music and choreography for a charity lip sync I have been working on. I think this was the most prevalent in my mind because the performance is tomorrow and changes are still being made. My intention was pretty clear and present in these moments of conflict because the end goal of the dance was to just have fun with it and I let that happiness guide me. The group I am helping consists of 15 boys with very limited dance background and so teaching them, even what I found simple dance moves, was frustrating. It was rewarding after a while though because I could see how much fun they were having and I felt a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.


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  1. Melisa Raja Gopal

    I could relate to teaching people who have limited dance background, and it’s always very rewarding when they feel that they have accomplished something. Especially for those who always say that they “can’t” dance. To be able to change their mind or at least to create a non-judgemental space for them to do things that they are less confident in – is the most fulfilling feeling. From what I’ve read, you have definitely left a great impact on these boys and their impression on dance!

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