According to my memory, my most recent moment of adaptation happened on September 18th.
Time decided to pick up an accelerated speed, which was a change I was not ready for.
I’ve always had a habit of biting off more than I can chew, which I know isn’t good, but I always
seemed to finish chewing before the timer went off. Well, the timer that began on September
18th at around 9:20am when I woke up, then ended at 11:59pm, the same day–and honestly I
wasn’t finished chewing. I had three assignments due that night, and only one was turned in on
time (the movement response assignment for this class that we had to record).
I then had to switch gears and go into save mode, because I needed to save myself from
fulfilling my assignments and deadlines any later. I emailed professors, spoke to my peers, and
had a little talk with myself as well. Most of my adaptation came from emotions, and the help of
others. I always appreciate the help of others and am incredibly grateful for it. In addition to that,
I used my emotions of anger that I wasn’t able to fulfill deadlines as I usually would like, as well
as my emotions of motivation from being challenged. This is what pushed me to continue and
overcome the fact that time was no longer my friend this day.
I can’t control time, but it definitely can affect me, which it did. Thankfully, it didn’t take too long
for me to adapt, but it definitely caused me to move at a faster pace and make schedule
changes that I usually wouldn’t have to make.
“Time waits on no one,” my mom would always tell me. And she’s absolutely right. Whatever we
do, we must be considerate of time. Not operate solely by time, because energy is also
important, but be mindful of time.
After this experience, I’ve begun to use my planner more to keep me updated on deadlines and
events. I’ve also kept close with friends and peers in my classes and they give me subtle
reminders as well. I’ve also started extending my minute of relaxation to 5 minutes and after this
relaxation I begin writing my to-do list and reminding myself about the assignments I need to
I am comfortable with my ability to adapt and while my skills have improved, they’re ultimately
not perfect or as close to perfect as I desire them to be. I will continue to work on adapting and
being more clear with my intentions, not only to those around me but to myself.