New Faces

Going into the class I was nervous about who we would be working with and how the differences in our schools would affect the class. Many of these concerns were wiped away when MK Abadoo introduced herself and the concept of having agreements for the class. I feel like the agreements were a way to see what aspects of the class were important to everyone. It was also nice to voice our opinions without judgment and have clear guidelines of what is acceptable in the class. This was the first time I have done something like this in class. I also feel like it closed the gap a bit between the Richmond and VCU students. The agreements started building an inclusive and creative class culture which was furthered by the warm-up that came next. I found the warm-up to also be a great icebreaker activity where we had to both express ourselves through words and movement. When we had to introduce ourselves as the person that inspires us it was interesting to see a bit of everyone’s’ background. Later when we talked about the purpose of the class and why we were all gathered here it was nice to know we are all working toward the same common goal even if where are from different places. While we went over how the class would run, I did have some logistical questions, but these were answered later. I expect this class to be full of surprises and new experiences and I can’t wait to face them with the support of my classmates and professors.




Gabriel Week Event

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  1. Kayla Schiltz

    I agree that it was nice for everyone to voice their opinions about the class agreements and their backgrounds. I like how you mentioned that the process was “judgment” free. It can be scary to be in a new environment with new people, so the fact that we all felt comfortable enough to be vulnerable is inspiring and shows strength within us and the VCU students.

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