Entering MK’s class for the first time on Tuesday, can be best described as soothing. Prior to class, I was anxious about the required dancing skills, worried about the reactions from VCU students, and skeptical of how we would all work together. MK’s positivism, approachable attitude, and charisma, lightened up the tension and encouraged us to be free and participate.

I respected and admired collectively reviewing the guidelines the class had previously composed and then being able to expand the document with our thoughts as well. Compiling this list together, with everyone present, and the floor open for collaboration, really showed MK’s style of teaching. She encouraged us to digest the words already on their paper, and allotted time for those who wanted to voice their opinions and query what the class had already wrote.

After taking care of “housekeeping” or the logistics behind the class, MK jumped straight into dancing and her charisma was shown here as well. She used her body language to provoke everyone to think, move and feel the moment. The question, “ Who brought you here today?” really sparked me to think beyond the moment and use a small set of movements to then describe said person or people. Without MK’s comfort and openness, I’m not sure the class would’ve been able to participate so easily and engage with the activity fully.

I enjoy the class culture that MK has set and invited everyone to enter in. I enjoy the circle and openness, and the pauses for everyone to take a break, talk, and get to know each other. I believe that the fast pace keeps the adrenaline going and keeps the energy up.
The biggest challenge would be to never lose sight of this energy and to constantly keep up with the pace that MK has set. The pace is not unmanageable or hard to follow, but will take focus and desire to keep going. I am very eager to follow this pace and to constantly be moving, so this challenge may not be one for long.

I expect for these next few weeks with VCU students and even after 10/17, to be full of light and knowledge. I anticipate to learn more about the stories we will be told about RVA, learn from the people that we will be dancing with, and learn more about myself and what interests me. I believe that during this course, I will be charged with information and be able to explore ways of commemorating justice. I am enthusiastic to learn and take this journey with my fellow UR students, MK, Dr.Diaz, the VCU students, and the many others involved in Free’s project.