TLF/AIP Bastion: Anklegators & Crankydiles (Part Six)

14 Mar

So a new As-I-Play Bastion post went up today on TLF, and I’m actually going to say a little bit about it.

I know my Bastion posts over there have mostly been a lot of me whining about how I don’t like the core gameplay and how annoying the control scheme is (it really was pretty bad playing mouse-and-keyboard), but in my last three posts on the game (parts 6-8)–this is the first of those to go up, stay tuned for more–the series really takes a turn.

First of all, I finally broke down and bought a controller to use on my PC, which made a world of difference. HUGE. I cannot recommend that purchase to those of you playing console-games-on-a-PC enough.

Second of all, Bastion itself starts to go to interesting narrative places which actually made me really start to fall in love with, if not the game itself, the premise behind it. I have a lot of really strong things to say about the game, particularly in the forthcoming parts seven and eight (over the next few weeks and into April), so I would really encourage you to at least read those, if not to go back and skim the first six.