Wait-lists for PHYS 131 and 132

Registration for Spring 2016 classes will begin soon. The physics department will be offering two sections of PHYS 131 and four sections of PHYS 132. As in the past, some seats in these courses will be reserved for students in each year. To be specific, the seating limits on each section will be

  • 6 students during senior registration,
  • 12 students during junior registration,
  • 18 students during sophomore registration,
  • 24 students during first-year registration.

The reason for this is that prospective physics majors need to be able to take these courses early, so we can’t let all the seats be taken by juniors and seniors.

This semester, for the first time, we will have formal wait-lists for these courses. If all the sections that fit your schedule are full when your registration time comes, you can sign up for the wait-list. Then, after first-year registration is complete, any available seats will be filled off the wait-lists.

The rest of this post contains details about the wait-list policies. At the very bottom, you will find links to sign up for the wait-lists (but note that you can’t sign up until your registration time has arrived).


PHYS 131-132 Wait-list policies

  1. A student may only sign up for the wait-list after that student’s registration time has begun.
  2. A student who is enrolled in one section of the course may not sign up for the wait-list for other sections.
  3. The student must provide name, email address, ID number, registration group (e.g., “junior scholar / athlete” or “sophomore”), and desired section(s) of the course.
  4. Students will be admitted off the wait-list beginning at the end of the registration period for first-year students.
  5. Students will be offered admission off the wait-list in the order they signed up. To be specific,
    • If any seats are available in any sections listed by the first student on the list, then that student will be offered a seat in one of those sections. If a student has listed multiple sections, and seats are available in more than one section, then the chair will choose which section to offer the student.
    • The same procedure will be applied to each student in order.
  6. When a student becomes eligible to be admitted off the wait-list, the chair of the physics department will notify him or her by email. The student will have 12 hours to accept this invitation by replying to the email. If the student does not reply within that time, he or she will be dropped from the wait-list, and the next eligible student will be admitted.

If you have any questions, ask Ted Bunn, the physics department chair.

Here’s where you go to sign up for the wait-lists for PHYS 131 and PHYS 132.

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