Andrew Hearin, '03

UR Physics alumnus Andrew Hearin, ’03, went off to graduate school in mathematics, but before too long he saw the light and returned to physics.  He’s now a Ph.D. student at the University of Pittsburgh, and he just recently published a paper on a possible novel test of general relativity.  (That link is to a publicly-available preprint version of the paper.  Here’s the actual published version, but the link may not work unless you’re connecting from a university with a subscription to the journal.)

Carrie Zegetosky '07: engineering with concrete

ludoxconcrete450021.jpgCaroline Zegetosky graduated from Richmond in spring of 2007, having completed the Engineering dual degree program.  She spent her first three years at UR, then continued as an undergraduate engineering student at the University of Virginia, one of our partner schools, where she is now a graduate student in civil engineering.  Carrie uses the same atomic force microscopy techniques she learned here at UR to study the microstructure of different types of concrete, creating images such as the one to the right.  (Nice pics, Carrie!)