Teaching Civics With Children’s Literature: The Bill of Rights


Student’s need to learn their rights. In “The Bill of Rights” by Norman Pearl students are given the opportunity to learn what are the Bill of Rights and how they came to be.

The book begins with an explanation of what the Bill of Rights is. James Madison, the Father of the Constitution, is the narrator and explains that the Bill of Rights are in the Constitution. He goes on by stating that the Bill of Right is a list of some of the most important rights Americans have.

The Colonies were not pleased with the nations government so the Colonies sent delegates to Pennsylvania to write the Constitution. The delegates worked hard creating the Constitution which described how the government is set up. The delegates wanted Americans to have guarded freedoms as well. The list of first ten freedoms were added to the Constitution as the Bill of Rights . All ten amendments was are guarded no matter who is elected president. The first is the freedom of speech and freedom of press. The second protects the right to bear arm. The third and fourth protects the right to privacy. The fifth to eighth protect all people accused of crimes. The ninth and tenth explain that Americans have other rights than the ones listed.

The book explains that everyone can see the Bill of Rights in Washington D.C. The books wants the reader to know that these ten right are not the only ones and more amendments are now part of the Constitution. There is a glossary at the end that gives the definition of all the terms not explained the book.

Curriculum Connections
The Bill of Rights
would serve as a great closer to a lesson about the rights that student and all Americans have This is a great tool for teacher to use when they want students to describe the individual rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; and equality under the law this correlates to Virginia sol 3.11 b .

Additional Information

  • Equal Rights is an activity allowing students to understand when only on group is given the right to vote.  The girls are given the right to vote and boys explain how they the laws affect them.
  • Under Wich Amendment Am I Protected? is a lesson that gives students real life situations and shows them which amendment would protect them. This lesson would be great after the teacher has taught the Bill of Rights.

Book: The Bill of Rights
Norman Pearl
Matthew Skeens
Publisher: Picture Window Books
Publication Date:
24 pages

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