Kristine O’Connell George’s book entitled Book! provided the inspiration for this blog’s title. You can listen to her read it, because poetry deserves to be read and heard. It begins with “My gift is flat and square,” and ends with “Open wide. Look inside. Book!”

This blog is about throwing open the pages of books and using them to motivate and excite kids about learning math, science and social studies. From time to time I’ll also write about useful web sites and technology resources for enhancing instruction. I am making this blog trip with my students, an enthusiastic bunch of men and women preparing to become elementary school teachers. I hope you’ll join us as we take this journey.

If you have questions or comments about this blog, please send them to me. If you are interested in sending a book for review, I am happy to accept both poetry and nonfiction for young readers through middle grades. Please contact me at the e-mail below.

pstohrhu (at) richmond (dot) edu

For more on teaching and using children’s literature across the curriculum, check out my other blog, The Miss Rumphius Effect.