Must-Have Subscriptions for Teachers

For years teachers have been asking me where I get my ideas from and how I manage to always seem to “know” where so many great resources are. The truth is, I have a series of e-mail subscriptions that I can’t live without. I’m sharing them with you here. I hope you find them as great a store of information as I have.

Miss Maggie
This weekly e-mail update (during the academic year) provides teachers with lessons and activities, free weekly activity packets (downloadable in pdf format), and opportunities to win free books and materials.
Members (free registration) have access to over 1500 worksheets, activities and lesson plans for preschool through third grade. In addition to basic worksheets on the Alphabet, Numbers, Money, Time, Measurement, the Calendar, and the Senses, there are also themed worksheets as well as monthly pages. A monthly newsletter announces all the recent additions to the site.

Surfing the Net with Kids by Barbara Feldman
This weekly newsletter contains three site recommendations on a single topic. Topics include everything from How to Write Poetry, D-Day, Volcanoes, Endangered Species and more.

PBS Teachers Newsletter
This weekly newsletter alerts you to PBS shows with of interest to you and provides links to online resources. Once you sign up you can create a profile at PBS Teachers and identify your local PBS station, your subject area, and/or the grade level you teach. Your newsletter content will then be arranged so that you see the most relevant information right away.

EDINFO Mailing List
EDInfo provides 1-2 email messages a week describing new federal teaching and learning resources and ED funding opportunities.

Works4Me Newsletter
This weekly newsletter from the NEA contains practical tips from teachers on everything from managing your classroom to teaching content to getting organized and many more areas.

Math Solutions Online Newsletter
This quarterly newsletter on math education contains lessons to use in your classroom, answers to questions from teachers and information on what's new at Math Solutions.

AIMS (Activities Integrating Math and Science) News
In this monthly newsletter subscribers receive two free activities, a puzzle, a special offer, and information on what’s new at AIMS.

Dover Publications Teacher Sampler
This weekly email is filled with projects and activities, including puzzles and brain-teasers, science projects, stories and poems, nature illustrations, and more. Sample pages are available online.

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