Henderson-Higher Achievement Week 9

This week was our last rehearsal which is disappointing because I’ve really enjoyed the time I’ve spent working and getting to know our scholars. Splitting our script into smaller groups between Jessie, Bridget and I was the best decision we made. Not only did it allow us to get to know our scholars better, but it significantly increased productivity. This week’s rehearsal went really well and I’m proud of all the hart work they have put in these past few weeks.

We began rehearsal by splitting into our smaller groups and running a few times. My group was very enthusiastic as they had practiced at home and higher achievement. At the beginning of the run through, my students playing Malcom and Duncan told me they would not be at the performance. My porters quickly stepped up into these roles, eager for more lines come the performance Friday. Donovan, who was originally cast as Duncan, decided that he was not going to participate in rehearsal. Tatianna, who was cast as Malcolm gladly continued to participate as a porter. She has been one of my best scholars- she is always excited to be at rehearsal and very focussed. Our run through after re-casting still went well- my new Malcom and Duncan stepped up to the plate!

Next, Bridget, Jessie and I decided to do a big run through with transitions between groups. We also made sure to time it as we were a bit nervous of how long it would take. It went well and I was glad I got to see Bridget and Jessie’s groups. They did a great job! It was just about 16 minutes, which I was surprised by for never having practiced the transitions. We then broke back into our smaller groups to discuss what could have been better. My group decided they would speak louder and put more emotion into what they were saying. They also mentioned that they were proud of their fellow scholars in other groups and that they did a great job. This was very heartwarming to see.

With the little time we had left at the end of rehearsal, we decided to do another run through as a big group. This was our best run through yet! They students not on stage waiting and those not participating listened and stayed quiet. Those on stage spoke loudly and transitions were smooth. Many of the scholars began acting their lines and not just reading from their scripts. It also was just about 15 minutes. In talking to my group after the run through, they were very relieved when I reminded them that they would have their scripts on stage with them Friday. They are very excited to perform and I am looking forward to it.

Dr. Bezio at the end of class Wednesday said multiple students have handed in their permission slips, which finally got to them. This has me somewhat relieved as I was nervous that little to no students would come. Hopefully many of our students come and perform as they have all worked really hard. I can’t wait until the performance!