We jumped right into rehearsing this week because the kids were starting to get apprehensive that the show was in just one week! Luckily, we have one more rehearsal the day before the show and we plan like running that as it is a dress rehearsal. We tried to do that at this rehearsal, but it was hard to keep everyone focusing on who was acting, especially when it was like only Macbeth and Lady Macbeth acting out their lines. I think that next time we will all sit on the ground together in a wide open space and literally run our part of the play.

As far as our rehearsal went, the children are really starting the grasp their lines. We have 2 or 3 girls who still give us attitude and we have to repeatedly ask them to keep standing and not sit down while they are in a scene and others are talking. As far as we know, we will only be missing one girl for the final performance. Also, today we brought the cauldron and witch props to rehearsal and that really got the children excited because I do not think they realized that they would have a few props.

At the end of the rehearsal, we asked if any of the students had questions about the performance next week and they had a ton. For example the questions were as follows; Will the bus be picking us up at our school? Can our parents come? Will you be providing clothing? Should we dress up? How big will the audience be? How long will the show be? We answered all of these questions to the best of our abilities, but I think at our last rehearsal we need to allow time for any additional last minute questions or concerns from the children.

We are excited for next Friday!