Boushall Week 9

We had our last practice last night! We took the kids down to the art room after they had some cookies and hot chocolate. We set the room up so chairs surrounded a stage area, so we could run through it completely and give them a better sense for what the actual performance will be like.

We were missing a couple kids, including our Lady Macbeth, but the students stepped up to fill the roles. One girl who had told us she didn’t want a role and then complained the entire time that she didn’t have any lines got to participate last night, and she seemed much happier to be participating. If I were to do the project again, I would try to give everyone at least one line because once we actually started practicing, the kids liked to be involved even if they only had a line or two.

Our group did so well running through the entire thing. They didn’t need much prompting, and some of them were acting things out. Our Macbeth and Banquo are so funny because they both try to talk in British accents and try to be active instead of just standing and reading from the screen. When they entered the scene once, they acted like they were riding on horses without our telling them to. I’ve been so impressed with them throughout this whole time, and I’m excited to see them perform tonight!

At the beginning of the practice, we had promised the kids candy if they were quiet in the audience, and they were so attentive and quiet the entire time. Hopefully they feel prepared for tonight. I’m excited to see how it goes.