Boushall Week 7

Last week Higher Achievement hosted a potluck for the students and their families so we didn’t get to work with the kids, but I have been reflecting about the experience over the past week. I had low expectations for how excited they would be about it from the beginning, but I have been blown away by how enthusiastic the kids always seem to be when we come. Especially since we come at the end of a very long day, the kids have been awesome about still being energetic and still giving us their attention.

I think of how much they’ve improved too. At the beginning, they constantly stumbled over Shakespeare’s language, but now, they have a much better grasp on it. They may not be perfect, but they’ve impressed me with how far they’ve come. We have a Macbeth who speaks his lines in a British accent and many different witch voices, and I’m excited to try to get them to act a little more in the next couple weeks before the performance so when the night comes, they can impress everyone else just as they’ve impressed me.