Henderson Higher Achievement Week 6

This week at Henderson we got the opportunity to observe the children in their Geography Challenge. We were not told that we wouldn’t be able to meet with the kids directly this week, so we went to Henderson and got to sit in on their Geography Challenge. Watching this activity helped us learn how to instill positivity amongst the kids. As per the teachers rules, even when a kid got the question wrong, the entire crowd applauded them. I would like to use this energy in our next meeting with the 5th graders. I think if we can get them enthusiastic about the Shakespeare project, they will be more willing to cooperate.

To prepare for lasts weeks meeting that we unfortunately didn’t get to have, we had name tags to split the scholars up into groups. There were those who wanted a large, medium, and small part. We went through our script and assigned each character large, medium or small depending on their lines. We were then going to have the children read some Macbeth and then we would assign them accordingly to meet what they wanted and what they were able to do. We hope to still use this method of assignment for next week when we get to meet with the kids.