Boushall Week #6

Tonight was another great rehearsal night! We decided to start off with the fan favorite bull frog game. Our children always seem to love that game because it is mindless and silly. After our brief came we dove right into the script. Our goal today was to get the children standing up and actually acting out their parts instead of reading in a circle with monotone voices.

We split up into groups based on the scene we were acting out, which I think worked really well, but I was also in charge of the smaller groups that only had 5-6 actors. I went over the first scene with all 6 of our witches and they were absolutely loving it. They enjoyed acting how they would throw things into the cauldron and they also liked practicing their entrances to the lightning and thunder noises. We went over Act I Scene I quite a few times and we practiced our best witch voices. I found that my group responded better when I joined them in the acting. After this, we broke up into different groups in order to practice other scenes. I was given a new group to practice Act I Scene II. This group was a little harder to herd together, but we got on a role eventually. I think the hardest part of having everyone standing up and acting is that those without lines or with few lines are either distracting other actors or not paying attention. I think for next class in order to minimize that problem I think we might have to emphasize respect and listening to your classmates. We just have a few girls who think they are “too good” to listen to their classmates so that makes it difficult at times, but those girls are better when they are broken out of their cliques.