Henderson Higher Achievement week 5

T’was the night before Halloween…

Monday this week we received a text from our contact person at Henderson to tell us that they were having a Henderson wide Fall Fest so we would not be holding our regular rehearsal. We were given the option to come join and help facilitate activities if we wanted. Not surprisingly, we all wanted to go. We arrived and we went to the cafeteria where there were around eight stations. Each station had a fun activity for all the grade levels. There was an apple picking station, a symbols station where they drew symbols representing “friendship,” “trust,” etc. onto tissue paper, a “pin the light” on the pumpkin station, and coloring stations too. The scholars were so happy because there was pizza and fun music playing too!

It was a very fun break from our typical Monday sessions, and I know it meant a lot to our scholars that we came. I talked with them and asked what they were going to be for halloween. Lots of fun answers: basketball players, movie stars, etc. And they were curious to know when we were going to cast roles for Macbeth.

Next week, when we resume regular sessions and Jessie and Carolina are there, we will be able to start casting Macbeth roles. We have our plan ready for Monday and are going to use trial and error to best teach all 25 scholars how to perform a shakespeare play.

I am excited to see how they do!