OSHER Week 3

During our third meeting with OSHER, we started to get creative with our part of Macbeth. Since we had a new member added to our group, we rearranged parts for (hopefully) the last time and everyone got settled into their roles. We then did another read-through. Since most people were used to their roles and lines by this point, some blocking and greater emotion was added to the reading of the script. I was once again impressed by our actors’ abilities!

We went over some maintenance points with the participants, reminding them that next week is our Fall Break so we would not be meeting. We told them to review their parts and think about the emotions, actions and deeper meaning associated with their lines in the meantime, so we can start blocking during our next meeting. I think our skilled group provides us with a unique ability to bring some meaning and advanced acting to the JSP stage, and I am excited to see what the OSHER group comes up with.

Next, we discussed a props list. Alexa created a google doc for the class prop list, so we added a few items under our section — a severed head, fake blood, drums and trumpets, and a red cape. I am sure that our list will grow as we continue developing the play.

It will be two weeks until our next meeting, so it is time for us to start bringing our section of Macbeth to life!