Boushall Week 2

This week we were more prepared with what to expect when we walked into Boushall. This time we had a couple more kids, but I don’t think we lost any, which was encouraging that they didn’t switch out of our elective. We quickly did names again before jumping in.

We started with a game called Bullfrog where the kids get to die dramatically when the bullfrog sticks their tongue out at them. They really loved this game, but it was hard to keep them quiet once they had “died.” We’ll probably have to play that one again in the future because I had kids asking me about it for the rest of the time.

We then had them tell us about what they remembered learning about Macbeth. I was surprised with how much they remembered and all the little details they told us from the video we watched last week. Then we split off into groups to start reading through the play.

At first we would read through a scene and then I would explain it to them afterwards, but that seemed to lose their attention quickly. I switched to explaining each line after it was read, and they responded much better to that. They asked some really good questions about the play like why the sons of Duncan didn’t automatically become king, and they seem really interested in the whole thing. I’m excited to see how they do when we assign parts and get them to start acting out the lines.