Today we worked on staging! We have been needing to do this but couldn’t get a full feel until we officially knew who everyone was going to be. We needed to decided upon a few of our characters entrances and exits. For example, after Pyramus dies he is also Bottom. So we just decided for Tony to stay laying dead and then suddenly awake as bottom. He then arises and gives his lines. We also had concerns for Moonshine. She always seemed to be hidden but then we decided thats kind of the point. The last concern for today was wear Thisbe goes after the Lion attacks her. We just decided for her to go where she entered from or the side of the stage.

Today in rehearsal we had to sort out the glitter… I mean costumes!! We had many options to choose from due to Dr. Bezio providing an entire bin full of random stuff and Sheryl brought lots of her own stuff in. We all wore a little bit of each which really added to the uniqueness of the characters. For example, I am Thisbe. I would wear my own clothes, with Sheryl’s shawl as a “mantel” and then I wore the gold leaf crown Dr. Bezio provided. Both worked very well together. The shawl was a creamy, white so that Sheryl or the lion could draw red sharpie on it or blood for when Thisbe was attacked. We messed around with costume’s every rehearsal but for the final we finally decided on good ones that suited each character properly!

Today in rehearsal we focused on deciding who would be which character. This was both an easy process and difficult at the same time. It was easy because we have very enthusiastic characters who are more than willing to play more than one part. We also have an assortment of genders and ages therefore we have lots to choose from. However, it was difficult because of the lack of people we had. This made our staging decisions harder because people playing more than one character either had to have time to change into that character or had to go off stage and have a costume change. Overall, we found out how to make it work and make our advantages strengths!