Today is the day!! We arrived at 2:00 to get all set up and ready before all the groups came. We did all of the things we needed to do to get ourselves ready like put some costumes in place and do all our makeup. We even got ourselves fed so that we could be fully equipped when our partner programs arrived. After putting about 10 scripts together for each act, all the programs, and organized the stage and costumes. They finally arrived!! Our group actors got there a little earlier and did a full dress rehearsal which was awesome. We set up all the staging and found a Royal-Dr. Bezio! We also were able to figure out where the Royals should sit in comparison to the real audience. After our rehearsal, many of the other groups decided to do a dress rehearsal as well which was really fun watching all of their acts. Finally, it was show time!! I ended up participating in act 3! I played 3 characters–it was a quick adjustment,┬ábut a few of us had to think on our toes and were able to prevail. Then, it was act 5’s turn!!! I won’t lie, even though I had my script in front of me I was getting pretty nervous! Overall, it ended up being so great and what a fun opportunity to demonstrate leadership while getting to know and working with a group of people!