Yesterday was the final day of going to the Villa, and oh how productive it was. Matt informed us that only two students would definitely be there. According to him, one of the students who required extra assistance lives in a group home while the other lives almost an hour and a half away. Additionally, another student informed us he would not be able to come due to an issue of transportation. We were under the impression that this was already handled by the administration at the villa. Of course, consistent with the semester as a whole, communication was broken overall. Nevertheless, we will work with the two that we have come time for performance this afternoon. I believe that the two will move throughout the show well. Confidence should not be an issue, and hopefully they can walk off the stage knowing more about Shakespeare than before. As we wrapped up practice yesterday, I could not help but think about how working with the Villa affected me this semester. I truly learned patience as I dealt with the inconsistent and unorganized systems within the organization. Working with Haley truly made me realize that doing what you enjoy is what is most important when it comes to finding a job. The kids made me appreciate the fortunes that I have regarding my learning capacity and overall life experiences. Even though there were a lot of difficulties, the semester brought important growth by dealing with the Villa.