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Blog Post 11/16

In Zinn’s chapter “The Coming Revolt of the Guards”, he discusses the purpose of his book and how he wants to tell the submerged story of “the people”. The wealth in the United States is distributed in ways that turns the majority of the population against each other. While this creates conflict, it also creates a common interest that is often ignored or prevented by the government. Zinn discusses how the foundations of this country have been fake and give citizens the hope that the government stands for everyone, when in reality it does not. The government must preach and ensure national unity in order to keep control but there has been growing feelings of uneasiness that have caused the people to question the true motives of the Establishment. I thought a very interesting point of the chapter was how the Establishment tries to make people forget that those who are seen as helpless or unimportant are actually very capable of resisting and creating change. This has been seen throughout the history of revolts and victories that show that power is not limited to the people at the top. 

Zinn ends his chapter on an optimistic note saying, “The elite’s weapons, money, control of information would be useless in the face of a determined population” (640). He talks about how Americans are ready for a radical change and this has been shown through the growing discontent with the current system. There are high rates of crime, large wealth disparities, and declining health that has been convincing people that change needs to happen. This class has shown a history of corruption and inequity from the American government that has affected the people and society. I do believe that a change is needed in this country and is possible if everyone is able to come together.

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  1. Zariah Chiverton Zariah Chiverton

    I agree with you that change is needed and is possible if people were to come together, but what do you think it’ll take for people to be actually come together with the same agenda? I think people really need to look outside of their current situations or position in life and understand that it is not just about them, but everyone else that also exists in the system.

  2. Sophia Picozzi Sophia Picozzi

    I think you are right to say that a change needs to happen, but I also think that your point would be strengthened by saying that crime rights are actually lower and that the elites in our country are using the media to paint a different picture. This also speaks more to Zinns points that the middle and lower classes’ determination to fix disparities in social and economic settings would diminish the importance of the elite’s weaponry and control of information. I think the time is running out for the elites to try to pin the lower and middle classes against one another.

  3. Julia Leonardi Julia Leonardi

    I also liked the way that Zinn ended the chapter. It is good to leave everything on a positive note. I think that history is discouraging, but it shouldn’t keep us down. History should inspire us to do better, and so should this book.

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