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Jeffrey Sprung Blog Post for 11/6

     The chapter “The Unreported Resistance” within Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States detailed the numerous rebellions of the American people against our government throughout the late 1900s. I was surprised to learn about this “permanent adversarial culture” (601) that began in the United States in the late 1900s due to our government’s actions. For example, I was previously unaware of the “national movement against nuclear weapons,” (603) which was catalyzed by President Reagan’s huge military budget. Despite the largest political protest in the history of the United States that occurred in Central Park, NYC (among other protests) to halt the testing, production and development of nuclear weapons, the federal government still later got involved in the Gulf War during the George H. W. Bush presidency.

      The unrest among the people of the United States in the late 1900s that Zinn described in this chapter reminded me of the current protests that are currently taking place. Over the past few months, massive BLM and other protests have occurred. It is unfortunate people within the United States are still unhappy with our government, however I am hoping that these current  protests serve as a positive agent for changes within our government in the future.

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  1. Alexander Dimedio Alexander Dimedio

    I also did not know much about the movement against nuclear weapon development. I completely agree with the movement, but it is a very tough thing to ask for when other countries are obviously going to try to make their own. I like the connection you made to the BLM protests. It is interesting how the people are never satisfied with the government, and I see this as a good thing, because it will lead to progress within the nation.

  2. Henry Groves Henry Groves

    I also was surprised to hear the number of people that were against the production of nuclear weapons. I knew that there was a group of people that were opposed but I had no idea the size of the national movement against nuclear weapons.

  3. Mohamad Kassem Mohamad Kassem

    I also liked the connection you made to the recent black lives matter protests that have been occurring in the country showing that people are unsatisfied with the government. I agree with Alexander that this can be seen as something that would push the government to become better and progress instead of believing that the United States is the best flawless country.

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