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blog post 11/16

I found chapter 22 of People’s History of the United States to be very interesting. Zinn discusses how in some presidential elections, especially Reagan’s and Bush’s, the media put on a different view of the election than what it actually was. I feel that some people have a similar view of this year’s election. Some people did not love either of the candidates. It was surprising to see if the Bush and Reagan elections that not a lot of people voted. Both the presidents were viewed as if they won by a lot, and they have a lot of support, but in reality, they actually faced some resistance. Zinn talks about how American’s protested against Raegan’s production of nuclear weapons. Throughout the chapter, Zinn focuses on different times American’s protested. He talks about the Chicano movement, which was a movement in the 1980s that focused on Mexican descendants who lived in California and the Southwest that were unhappy with the foreign policy. Zinn discusses the times in America when Americans were in opposition towards systems that the government had set up and the different perspectives from the media and reality. 

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