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Mia Slaunwhite – Crash Course (9/30)

Watching the Crash Course, John Green talks all about the European nations and the power over others. We learn the much of Africa was ruled by Europeans. Real quickly do the Europeans find themselves dying in large numbers, but not because of war. Intertwining different cultures equals new germs and new illnesses. Travel to new places spreads the germs so quickly. Today, 2020 the travel of germs was so rapid, next thing we know the entire world is basically shut down. Bringing new to different places can be risky.

I have to think because European countries were on the move and advancing how upset and angry were, they when the United States gained its independence from England. The power that European countries had was a lot. John Green states “for the most part, Europeans could almost always rely on their superior military technology to coerce local rulers into doing what the Europeans wanted. And they could replace native officials with Europeans if they had to” (9:38). The Europeans had this control. As I think about the United States, I think about the idea that the people probably had wanted to rule in a similar way as they did in Europe—Using military tactics to enforce themselves over the others. Was this another reason for the Civil War—wanting to be the best and have the power like the Europeans to rule over and think that they were the shit.

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  1. Julia Borger Julia Borger

    I also find myself comparing Europe and the United State’s desire to rule and be the most powerful nation in the room. It makes me wonder about the idea that if England never controlled the early American colonies, if we would have turned to the imperialist nation that we did, because we wanted to be just like Europe and do to other nations what they inflicted upon us. It is very ironic when you think about the concept in a broad view.

  2. Margot Roussel Margot Roussel

    I found watching the John Green video and learning about many Europeans dying from disease a little comically because of our current predicament. Additionally what scares me most of all is that in order to get immunity to these diseases people have either all gotten it and created herd immunity or try to not travel to different places. I dont see either of these options turning out well for the current world we live in and hope this time science can be faster.

  3. Christina Glynn Christina Glynn

    That was a very interesting point about comparing the US and Europe in using military tactics to take and keep control of others. This made me wonder what would our country look like today if another country was first to colonize in the US. The toxic use of the militia in Europe seems to have made its way to the US.

  4. Samuel Hussey Samuel Hussey

    History does repeat itself, as you pointed out with the spread of disease during globalization still being an issue today. John Green also talked about the difference between technological superiority and racial superiority. The Europeans and Americans had the right resources and technology to invent weapons like the Maxim Machine Gun, but that did not make them fundamentally more superior to their enemies. They were simply born in the right country with the right resources, but we are all equal at our core.

  5. Sophia Peltzer Sophia Peltzer

    The emphasis John Green placed on European colonization of Africa is important. Africa is often looked down upon and blamed for having less sophisticated societies, broken governments, and generally just fewer chances to become a successful and economically thriving nation with a strong democratic government. However, those quick to blame Africa often seem to forget that Europe’s domination and colonization of these countries, and eventually their quick exit that created power vaccuums, drains on natural resources, and no economic or political structures are ultimately to blame for the current condition of Africa.

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