Fun facts

Fun fact: I’m a busy person. I don’t have a whole lot of free time to begin with, so I’m always looking for the fastest way to get simple tasks done. The fastest way to the gym from Gray is out the back door, through the woods and over the bridge past the gazebo. It’s an incredible place to watch the sunset too (one of my favorite activities – fun fact); I would recommend doing so if you’ve never tried.


This is my favorite sunset I’ve seen to date. I am not technologically savvy and can’t get it right side up. Maybe pretend it’s artsy this way. 

I can also multitask, a habit of busy people, because I can study trees on the way there. I see an American Beech, Hickory, Sassafras… the list goes on and on, but also stresses me out a tad because I have yet to learn all of the trees.  Nevertheless, that walk, through the woods and over the bridges to the final destination of the gazebo, has become my reflection spot.

Fun fact: I’m more of a people watcher than an observer. I notice the people in my spot more so than the surroundings. I try to connect the people to my surroundings, but my train of thought almost always wanders toward guessing where people come from, what and where their going home to, and filling in the gaps with my imagination. There are generally people from the community walking their dogs, doing photo shoots with their families, or even the occasional earth lodger. More often than not, there are also two Hispanic women fishing in the lake, always pulling out bucketfuls of fish to presumably take home and eat. That I notice and constantly think about because of how unhealthy the lake is, and surely the fish are as well. Will they get sick? Is that the only way they get food? Will they overfish the lake and decrease the population? Does anyone else even care about these questions? I don’t know, but I sure like to wonder.

I know people use the little island and gazebo for several different things, but I doubt many ever stop to just enjoy the beauty of where they are. They’re too busy worrying about where they’re going, who they’re with, or whatever their hectic mind is wrapped up in. I’m glad that I actually took the time to sit and think, enjoy nature, notice the people in my surroundings. Fun fact: I’m happy to have the opportunity, required for the class or not, to give up my busy schedule for a minute and just chill in a beautiful spot.


Try to find a school prettier than ours. I dare you.

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  1. TRL says:

    Fun fact: this was a fun essay to read.
    Especially love the last fact/sentence and how it links back to the first sentence.
    See if you can’t rotate the first photo, unless it’s meant to be artsy on its side. Are these your own pictures? They’re beautiful. Add a couple captions.
    And don’t eat the fish!

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