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Influence on my Seminar Paper

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After having learned about social utopias both past and present, it changes my interepretation of my sources. It helps me to understand that utopais change overtime and that what may have been a utopia is defintetly not a utopia now. Also even though t…

Is Icaria a Utopia?

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Icaria is defined as a utopian community, but is it truly a utopia. I would argue that for the time Icaria was a utopia, especially for women. However, by today’s standards it is no where near a utopia. Women at the time were given many rights su…

Hierarchies of My Research

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Aside from organizing my information in chronological order I can organize my information by importance. Marie’s first hand account of being a female is particularly important as it and my other source on women will be the basis of information fo…

Why should you care?

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Why should anyone care if Icarian women were happy with their society. Well I believe that the Icarian society was ahead of its time when  it comes to women’s rights. Women having an education and having a say in government was very rare during …

Finding my Question

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After having read my background source on the Icarian community I found the idea of the Icarian culture quite interesting. The background source had mentioned festivals and music which interested me quite a bit as I was curious to whether these cultura…

Class Discussion Questions

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Did the inclusion of social event such as outings or promenades help to make the Icarian a more enjoyable Utopia?
The Icarians are known for believing that their actions remained in accordance with Cabet’s teachings despite the factions. Did the fac…