Mapping the Gambles Mill Corridor

GEOG 221: Mapping Sustainability: Cartography and Geographic Information in an Environmental Context students learned computer cartography through an applied and community-based project.  Their goal was to work with a variety of stakeholders (public, private, and community-based) to map the past, present, and future of the Gambles Mill Corridor and influence local and regional sustainability of transportation, hydrology, and recreation in a floodplain ecosystem.  The Gambles Mill Corridor is a neglected campus trail connecting the University of Richmond to the intersection of Huguenot and River Road, the river, and the larger Richmond community.  Student cartographers divided into four teams grouped by spatial and temporal scale: Small Scale, Intersection, Corridor, and History.

MacKenzie Price and Kate Billups  presented preliminary results from the class in their poster, The Temporal and Spatial Connectivity of the Gambles Mill Corridor, Richmond, VA, at the Southeastern Division of the Association of American Geographers Conference in Savannah, Georgia on November 21, 2011.

Student maps included:

Small Scale

Distance and Safety along the Gambles Mill Connection Bike Route

Businesses of Interest near the Gambles Mill Bike Route

James River Floodplains and Proposed Route

Cyclist and Pedestrian Safety in the Gambles Mill Bike Route

Interconnectivity of Potential Bike  Route with Parks in the Richmond Area


Huguenot Bridge Construction Plan

Proposal for the Future of the Gambles Mill Intersection

Businesses at the Intersection of River Road and Huguenot Road


Ecology in the Gambles Mill Corridor: 2011

Stormwater Flow Across the Current Pathway

Stormwater Flow Across the Filterra Pathway

Stormwater Flow Beneath the Master Plan Boardwalk

Campus Loop Construction Area


Important Transportation Methods Through Time: Gambles Mill Corridor and Surrounding Area

Historical Images of the University of Richmond

Zion Town Residence in the Post-Civil War Era

Beverly Randolph’s Westham: A 1751 Colonial Settlement of Western Richmond